Upcoming Events

Campus Clean Up/ Work Day

Saturday, Jun 12 / 8:00AM
We will work together to tackle a wide range of cleaning and maintenance projects on our campus.

News & Updates

Lee School Teacher Appreciation

The first week of May was Teacher's Appreciation Week, and we were able to shower the staff of Lee Elementary School with gift cards and a special treat of Nothing Bundt Cakes for the staff. The staff was so thankful and blessed with the Lakeside gift cards and treats. Principal, Nathan, expressed thankfulness that the teachers who had worked so hard through the pandemic experience this year were able to celebrate the year and feel the honor and love from us. Thank you all for your ongoing compassion and generosity toward our community. We salute the teachers and staff of Lee School!

LSCA Pantry Project, April 18 -April 30

We are excited that Lake Springfield Christian Assembly is ready to reopen this summer with overnight camping for our youth! In addition to monthly support, in April we were able to support LSCA through their Pantry Project. This year, due to Covid guidelines, the camp will be using disposable containers for meals. Our challange was to gather 5,400 containers at a total cost of $540. Thanks to your generosity we exceeded our goal and the extra donations are going to the camp general fund for other operating expenses related to summer camping!   

Visit lscacamp.org for more information about this ministry and lscacamp.org/serve for information about serving opportunities.

Lakeside Missions

Pioneer Bible Translators Open House

Open House with Laura Wilhoit on June 6

Pioneer Bible’s worldwide translation progress was greater in the first half of 2020 than ever before, as over 180,000 verses of the Bible we processed in our 99 translation projects. Also for the first time, our members around the world were able to participate in our weekly chapels, board meeting, and annual meeting, as Executive Vice President Jeff Wilhoit and others organized them remotely. PBT is now a team of 573 working among 100.3 million people speaking 106 languages in 27 countries!

Your prayers for the progress of the Toma Bible have resulted in several translation consultants now working to help complete the consultant check of the New Testament by the end of 2021 and of the Old Testament by the end of 2022. PBT is also working on publishing 20+ books of the Toma Bible electronically by the end of this year, bringing the total number of published books to over 40. 

Open House: Would you like to meet Laura Wilhoit and hear about the work of PBT? Sunny Boatman is hosting an open house on June 6th beginning at 6:30 pm at 4 Sarah Avenue, Springfield. RSVP by calling or texting 217-891-3184.

Thank you for keeping the Wilhoit family in your prayers.

Partner with Christian Student Fellowship

Interested in helping Christian Student Fellowship in their ministry to college students? If you or your group would like to help, email: info@uiscsf.org and let CSF know how you would like to partner. The following link will provide you with some needs for this month: uiscsf.org/church-partnership-opportunities. You can also visit www.uiscsf.org to see what CSF is up to and to help you as you pray for the ministry. The 27th Annual Fundraising Banquet was held on April 11 and featured a night of hearing and celebrating the stories of how God is working through CSF staff and students. The fundraising goal of $25,000 was met!  A couple of student baptisms are in the plans! CSF is preparing for Fall 2021. Thanks for being a part of the mission of helping students find their way back to God!

Students Send Thank Yous. CSF was able to use Lakeside as a base of operations for some of their meetings, groups, and events this past year. They thank Lakeside for providing a place for them. Pray that students will remain commited to Jesus Christ and connected with other Christians over the summer months. Please pray for CSF leaders Todd & Gretchen Macgruder as Todd is recovering from a recent stroke.

Restore Church Plant Offering

Restore Christian Church is a church planted by Ignite Church Planting. It is located about an hour and a half south of Springfield in Highland, Illinois. With your help, Lakeside has been supporting this church plant as they meet every Sunday in person and online at 10:30 AM. Please pray for this young family of believers and their lead minister Aaron Kelso. Check out their website to see what is going on: restorechristianchurch.org or visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/restorechurchhighland.

June 6 Offering: On Sunday, June 6, Lakeside will be featuring Restore Christian Church during our services and will be collecting a special gift to help Restore with its Kingdom efforts. On June 6, you may drop off an offering in the 5-gallon green buckets as you exit the worship center. Alternatively, you may designate part of your electronic giving to "Special Offering". If you give with a check for this special offering, make it out to Restore Christian Church or make it out to Lakeside Christian Church with Restore Christian Church in the memo line.

Myanmar Hope Update

Please visit Myanmar Hope Christian Mission on their Facebook page and their website at myanmarhope.org to view pictures and hear all the ways our brothers and sisters in Christ were blessed with your generosity in their time of need. Thanks to you a gift of $3,000 was sent in early spring to help with food and necessities during the political upheaval faced by this ministry and many churches in the region. Pray for Palal and Kikim and all the national ministers who are serving in difficult times and for God's blessings on the many ministry iniatives they are establishing. May their faith increase and may God's Kingdom expand!

Political Situation Update: View the My Hope website for the newsletter with a brief history of government/military interactions and how the recent changes are affecting the Myanmar people. 


  • for godly wisdom for Palal and Kikim as they navigate mission priorities in unsettled circumstances
  • for the Christian leaders facing difficult challenges in various churches and programs
  • for how to operate schools safely and faithfully in the coming school year
  • for continued resourcing of rice for those without work and hungry 

Lake Springfield Christian Assembly Update

We are excited to know that Lake Springfield Christian Assembly is ready to reopen this summer with overnight camping for our youth. In addition to monthly support, thank you all for generously meeting and exceeding our Pantry Project goal of 5,400 containers at a total cost of $540. We collected $1,159! The extra will help the camp with other summer related needs.

Good News! Registration for summer camp is now open at lscacamp.org! This summer's theme is "UNSHAKEN" and comes from Psalm 16:8. Currently, camp sessions will feature overnights. Children will have a wonderful time attending age appropriate sessions of camp. Volunteers will be needed for 2-hour commitments to help package meals and snacks for campers. Also, on the morning as each session of camp opens, volunteers are needed for the Red Carpet Welcoming Crews. For more information about these volunteer opportunities contact Kennedy Brown at LSCA 217-529-2625 or "Sunny" Boatman at cesunshine2@gmail.com.


  • Please pray for healthy campers, staff and volunteers this summer and for patience as they operated under Covid-19 guidelines for camps.
  • Pray for the good news of Jesus to be heard and responded to by campers.
  • Pray for all to grow in their faith and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and will have opportunity to share the good news with others.

Visit lscacamp.org for more information about this ministry and lscacamp.org/serve for information about serving opportunities. 

Taking Christ to the Millions International

Would you like to know how to pray for TCM's efforts to equip men and women from 45+ nations for ministry? Visit www.tcmi.org/pray.

  • There are 1,500 students registered and working toward Masters of Arts or Masters of Divinity degreees as they work to become effective kingdom leaders in their churches, cultures and countries.
  • Also pray for the international student, Erion of Albania, who's schooling is supported by Lakeside. Erion has recently completed another course. Pray that his example and testimony will touch many in his ministry location.
  • Visit vimeo.com/showcase/tcm to view some short videos detailing the ministry of TCM. Tentative plans are being made for sessions to take place at Haus Edelwiess and a graduation ceremony in late summer, the first since Covid-19 shut things down on the physical campus.
  • Session 4 is planned to be in person in July this summer at Haus Edelweiss. Pray that the workers, instructors, and students are healthy and keeping priorities so that the task of teaching, learning, serving will be faithfully completed in due time.
  • Pray for Jozef as he shares Christian love between Romanians and Hungarians.
  • Pray for Sergei who began a YouTube channel called Voice of the Church as he shares about morality, ustice and truth with the Belarusian people.

James Project Update

The James Project is a not-for-profit Christian ministry in Springfield, Illinois which provides homes and support for fostering families in Sangamon County. You can find out more about The James Project and how you can help and pray at thejamesproject127.com.  If you are interested in fostering or helping foster families, please check out the website for first steps.   

Current Happenings at The James Project:

  •  Interested in being a foster parent? Want to know how you can help? Please contact TJP and let them know! 
  • A new resident couple has been selected for one of the TJP houses. An additional house is being purchased to provide a home for another set of foster parents.  
  • A couple in Australia, provided a $15,000 gift to TJP and are working to start a similar ministry down under. Please pray for both efforts to care for the orphans. 
  • Pickleball Tournament fundrasier in September.
  • Many foster parents need help with diapers. Considering donating a pack of diapers size 3-6 and dropping them off at 907 Clocktower Drive, Suite C in Springfield.
  • If your child recieved a grocery card from district 186, consider donating the card to TJP for one of the foster families.
  • Pray for children suffering mental health issues and other disruptions to life that can make them feel unloved and unwanted.
  • Pray for foster parents to remain encouraged and motivated to express Jesus' love through hardships and difficult cirucmstances.

Honduran Food Relief Arrives

In November 2020, Lakeside sent $1,500 to Mercy International in Honduras to provide food for people suffering from Covid-19 and restrictions along with recovery from two recent Hurricanes. We have reports that food ration boxes were taken up the mountains through challenging and rainy weather...some of the distance involved carrying the heavy loads by foot. The Honduran people expressed their appreciation for these much needed relief supplies. Thank you for your generosity. Pray for the churches.

Love Packages Ministry

Thank you all for your contributions of Bibles and Christian Literature in the month of February. Two vehicle loads of materials were delivered to Love Packages in Butler, IL. Thanks to your offerings, Lakeside also included a check to help pay for transport over seas. Love Packages is a local ministry fueling international missions work and sending the gospel to the ends of the earth by putting donated bibles and other Christian literature into the hands of people around the world. Visit lovepackages.org or call 217-532-6701 to find out more about the ministry and how you can donate or help process donations. Be sure to view the "Nickle Tour" video on the website. The ministry is located at 220 Union St, Butler, IL 62015. 

Below is a list of items you may drop off at Love Packages:

  • Bibles (New or used, any translation, New Testaments or other portions, individual gospel booklets)
  • Reference Material (Dictionaries, Bible dictionaries, concordances, commentaries, etc.)
  • Books (All Christian books – adult or children, non-fiction)
  • Magazines and Daily Devotionals (Any devotionals or magazine from a Christian publisher}
  • Sunday School Materials (Adult quarterlies and teacher manuals from all publishers; children’s quarterlies with the teacher’s manual and full student manuals.)
  • CDs, DVDs, BluRay (Music, movies, teaching from well known speakers [Billy Graham, Swindoll, etc.])
  • Tracts  (All tracts) 
  • Puppets, Nativity Sets, etc.
  • Bible games, biblical puzzles (anything that helps teach the gospel, especially to children)

Missions Events & Opportunities

May - June: Pick a Sunday and worship at 10:30 am with our Restore Christian Church Plant at Weinheimer Community Center, 1100 Main St., Highland IL.

June & July: Check out Lake Springfield Christian Assembly summer camps with opportunities for children and youth to attend and for adults to serve.

June 15: Prayer Walk in Chatham at 6:30 pm in the area of the Hindu Temple at 1001 West Walnut Street.

November 13: Taking Christ to the Millions International Prayer FAST. https://www.tcmi.org/pray

November 18-21: International Conference on Missions in Richmond, VA. https://theicom.org/

Prayer Walk, June 15

Thank you to all who spent some time in early May praying for our Muslim neighbors. Using a prayer guide people parked or drove or walked around the neighborhood of the mosque in Chatham.

Would you like to particpate in a walk for our Hindu neighbors in the Chatham area? Tuesday, June 15 at 6:30 pm you may walk the neighborhood of 1001 West Walnut Street in Chatham. Prayer points, a prayer booklet, and prayer walk instructions are available at Lakeside in Room 109. You may pick up two booklet prayer guides. One is 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World and one is 15 days of Prayer for the Hindu World. Please feel free to take what you will use and encourage others as well! The Prayer Walk is set for June 15, but you can walk and pray anytime and day that suits your schedule! 

Lincoln Christian University

Lincoln Christian University recently completed a trying and challenging academic year. In-person education was offered safely for the fall and spring semesters and 181 students recieved their diplomas from LCU. Now they are off to apply what they have learned on campus and in classrooms to their respective ministries, workplaces, additional academic endeavors, and homes. Please pray for these students and their kingdom impact in the coming years.


  • Pray for the financial resources and student recruitment for the fall semester.
  • Pray for the professors and staff that they will be prepared to offer godly instruction and develop mentoring relationships with students.
  • Pray for the following LCU graduates with connections to Lakeside. Seth Webster (our Student Ministry Intern), Camden Radecki (our Worship Associate), Hank Wuethrich (our Worship Associate), Makala Greeen, Luke Nash, and Dalton Byrne (who served on our worship teams). Lakesiders currently attending LCU include Ericka Knoll and Carter Walker.

Student Calendar

Summer Camp at Lake Springfield Christian Assembly

Wednesday, Jun 30 / 12:00AM
LSCA is an awesome camp that offers summer camp sessions through June and July for many different age groups! For more information and to register your students, you can go to lscacamp.org

Family Calendar

Summer Camp at Lake Springfield Christian Assembly

Wednesday, Jun 30 / 12:00AM
LSCA is an awesome camp that offers summer camp sessions through June and July for many different age groups! For more information and to register your students, you can go to lscacamp.org